As Shelby County Commissioner for District 8, I will be a  PRESENT AND ACTIVE VOICE to enact legislation through ordinance, resolution, or establishment of policy that:
• Strengthens vocational & technical training and education for our youth
• Reduces crime, to include domestic and gun violence
• Fosters communication and cultural sensitivity within our courts, public safety, and communities
• Fights for a living wage and higher paying jobs and / or opportunities
• Advocates for decent, safe, affordable, and energy efficient housing in walkable neigborhoods
• Sends “Blight to Flight” through proven neighborhood preservation strategies and initiatives
• Increases public health initiatives, access and awareness programs in the fight against the opioid epidemic, infant mortality, and the STI/STD rate of our youth
• Encourages Shelby County Government to become a better partner with other municipalities to make it the MODEL FOR PROSPERITY AND POSITIVE CHANGE
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