As Shelby County Commissioner for District 8, I will be a PRESENT AND ACTIVE VOICE
to enact legislation through ordinance, resolution, or establishment of policy that:

• Work with Shelby County Schools to Strengthen vocational & technical education for
our middle/high school youth
• Work with the Sheriff’s Office and community to reduce crime, specifically domestic
and gun violence
• Fosters communication and cultural sensitivity within our courts, public safety, and
• Advocate for a living wage and higher paying jobs and / or opportunities within the
corporate community
• Create healthy, sustainable, vibrant, and safe neighborhoods through increased
economic opportunities for small businesses
• Send “Blight to Flight” through proven neighborhood preservation strategies and
initiatives through Shelby County Housing
• Increase public health initiatives, access and awareness programs in the fight against
the opioid epidemic, infant mortality, and the STI/STD rate of our youth through the
Shelby County Health Department
• Encourages Shelby County Government to become a better partner with the Memphis
Area Transit Authority to aid in getting people to work at the most inopportune hours.

It is our goal to make Shelby County the MODEL FOR PROSPERITY AND POSITIVE

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